Positive Negative Space Photography

Photo Assignment #10 :: Positive and Negative Space

The next Photo Assignment is to explore possibilities of positive and negative space. Positive and negative space are compositional elements that describe what’s important in a photograph or visual composition and what is supportive.

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Pedro Meyer

Pedro Meyer :: The Artist Series

Pedro Meyer is one of the significant, contemporary photographers in Mexico. His career has spanned decades of photography and he’s usually found himself at the forefront of the technical and social possibilities of the medium.

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5 Minute Website

Build an Online Photography Portfolio in 5 Minutes

If you are a photographer, you need an online photography portfolio website. I’ve said this over and over in the podcast because I want to encourage you to get your work out there. It will make you better, it can open doors and its fun! If you are just an amateur, its an impressive way to get the photos from…

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