The quickest way to get in touch with me is on Twitter. Just tweet using @tedforbes and I’ll see it. If you need something that requires more explanation, you can email me. However its very important that I quickly say this –

Managing Expectations

I get several hundred emails a day ranging from important project emails, communication from people I’m working with, business opportunities and of course, letters from people who watch the show and read the website.

What To Expect

Due to the volume of emails I get about the show its often difficult for me to get through everything. I do read all of my email, but sometimes it takes me a few days to get through it. I know this sounds like such a crappy thing to say, but this is how it has to be.

Business related emails get priority which means that non-business emails can take longer. Suggestion – try tweeting me if you need something with a quick reply.

I know this is such a lame thing to write on my contact page, but the only alternative is to hire someone to help me respond to email. That seems cheesy so it means that if I want to have time to be a photographer, make great shows and write awesome things for the website – email has to fit in to that schedule.

SO – having said all that – feel free to drop me a line at noonegothurt at