William Eggleston

William Eggleston represents one of the most pivotal photographers in the 20th century in that it was his color work that changed the acceptance of color photography in the fine art world. He was one of the first photographers ever to have a complete show at MoMA in New York City. He and photography director John Szarkowsky changed the fine art world of photography with this show.

William Eggleston was born in 1939 in Memphis, TN. As a child he was interested in art and music, but didn’t pursue photography until his college years. A friend gave him a Leica while he was at Vanderbilt and this seemed to change his destiny. At the urging of William Christenberry – Eggleston went on to a very famous career as a photographer.

In 1974 he started printing with a dye-transfer process. It was inexpensive and offered William Eggleston the level of color saturation that he wanted. The famous show happened at MoMA 2 years later and the perception of color photography as we all know it, changed forever.



  1. Rick says

    Really enjoyed this episode, Ted! Your commentary very helpful in putting things in context, and I have a better appreciation of his work than I had previously. Good to open the windows of the mind periodically :)