Pentacon Six

In this video we’re going to talk about the Pentacon Six – a manual medium-format slr camera made in Germany from the 1950’s to about 1990.

The Pentacon Six is a bit dated by todays standards, but it does provide a reasonably priced alternative to a Hasselblad system with the variety of accessories and lenses available.


  1. Matthias says

    It’s also linked through wiki, but I’d recommend for excellent information and things to be aware of, e.g. lens mounts of Kiev lenses that don’t fit.
    As a bonus, some of the test pictures posted offer a window into German Gemütlichkeit.

  2. Douglas Gottlieb says

    This is consistently some of the best educational photo material anywhere, so THANKS Ted.

    Like you, I stumbled upon the Pentacon Six while looking to get back into 120 film at high quality but without Hassy $$$. This was a great overview but wish you’d always include sample images you’ve made with this old gear. I’m particularly interested in portraits with the 180mm.

    How do contrast and detail compare to modern digital sensors like the best in M43, or Fuji APSC, or even FF? I haven’t grabbed a Pentacon yet.

    Looking forward to more film shows and as always, photo lit! Thanks again!

  3. says

    Thanks for another great AOP episode, Ted! I’d never heard of the Pentacon before and it’s always great to discover something ‘new’. Cheers!