the Ansco Automatic Reflex

In this video we’re going to have a look at the Ansco Automatic Reflex. This was America’s attempt to enter the high end camera market which, unfortunately didn’t work out. But these are fascinating cameras none the less. Kind of the Hudson of American Cameras.

I’ve actually owned 3 of these. They have an interesting look. Unfortunately not nearly as nice as other cameras of the era such as the Hasselblad, Rolleiflex or even Flexaret. But from a historical perspective I think these are quite fascinating.

Rick Oleson’s camera page:


    • Ted Forbes says

      Well, “automatic” by 1940’s standards ;-) It most likely referred to the crank advancing the film so you don’t have to do it manually with the little red window on the back. Though this was only automatic after you got it set to the first frame.