the Ciroflex TLR

In the next few weeks, I’ll be putting together a comparison shoot-out with all of the camera’s we’ve reviewed in the last few weeks. If you like TLR cameras this will be the episode for you! Stay tuned for more info.

Today we’ll wrap up our TLR mini series with one more, very affordable camera that comes from the US – the Ciroflex. These were produced in the 40’s and 50’s by Ciroflex (first in Detroit and later in Delaware, OH). The company was later sold to Graflex and with a few modifications, it was turned into the Graflex 22 and was a very popular camera over the next few years.

You can get these cheap. They are not wonderful cameras but if you want to start out with a TLR they are about the best deal you’ll find!


  1. Todd says

    Hi Ted,

    Love the show. It encouraged me to buy a Rollie several months ago. With the high cost of developing, your episodes taught me how to develop at home. I just finished the show on another TLR. Have you ever considered showing an old Kodak Autographic folder some love? Just picked one up and it’s super cool looking at it shoots! Keep up the good work.