7 monographs EVERY photographer MUST own

You asked for it – by popular demand here’s my monograph book picks for the year.

Ababilis “Deeper Pixels” Jacket and Hoodie on Kickstarter

Ernst Haas :: Color Correction
Luigi Ghirri :: Kodachrome
Saul Leiter :: Early Color (and older one but essential)
Irving Penn :: Centenial
Flor Garduño :: Trilogía

You can get them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/theartofphotography

And I also picked two viewer submissions:
Tom Barr :: Shetland OO https://www.shopkdd.com/shetland-oo
Bastiaan Woudt :: Morokko http://www.bastiaanwoudt.com/b-o-o-k-s/

Music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/v5wWKr


  1. says

    Photo assignments once a month – good idea! My issue with the current model includes:
    1. You showcase SO many and they go past SO fast that I can’t really learn much.
    2. I’d rather see far fewer – and hear your thoughts as to why the selected submissions “make the grade” so to speak. I, and I think many others, value your educated opinions.
    3. Finally, I may not speak for everyone, but I do follow AoP (and not the dozen dozen other vlogs that I could follow) because of YOU – your sensibility, your education, your screen presence, your insights, your advice (and as a multi-year viewer, your increasingly subtle sense of humor!)


  2. says

    Hello Ted ~
    Have been on your email list for awhile and always wanted to participate in the Assignments. Time and turnaround were too short…so I am delighted you have decided to go to one-a-month assignments… Coming to the party late, what was decided regarding January; assignment or no assignment?
    Also, could all assignments (not work samples you gather, just the assignments themselves) remain posted as a permanent tab on the Art of Photography site? Though I may not have turn-time to be able to work the assignments in sync with everyone, if they are posted, I can always return to them in my own leisure-to-learn time.
    Thank you for all your expertise, programming, shared opinions, ideas and insights. You are delightfully supportive, energizing.
    Blessings for your day ~

  3. says

    Dear Ted,
    though the intervals between the assignments had not been too short for me I am not against a monthly schedule. But according to the longer interval I would appreciate a more in depth presentation of the problem or task and more guiding hints in performing the assignment, even some glue concerning possible workflows.
    If You will follow a monthly schedule the time for sending the resulting photos may be restricted to three weeks to have another interval of about one week for the presentation of a new assignment.
    Effectively there won’t be much time left for a January assignment but You could talk a little bit on how You are planning those assignment shows and their contents…
    Yours sincerely, Wolfgang Medlitsch