Casey Neistat Ended The Vlog

Casey Neistat is probably the most successful vlogger of our time. Starting in 2015 he decided to make a video every day for… well until he got bored.

Over the next 18 months he exploded to over 5.8 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views.

Casey has been an enormous influence on the work that I do, but more importantly he completely changed the entire scope of inline video. This is just a quick thank you.


  1. says

    Oh Ted, I’m so sorry: I’ve just shocked you!

    Never heard of the guy until I watched your video. Don’t really think I missed much – but maybe it’s just an unbridgeable culture chasm. FWIW, I’d really rather wait for your next ‘photographer’ interview… I really do enjoy those, and you do them rather nicely.

    Get into that editing; I’m aging rapidly – don’t be too late!