The Challenge of Cheap Cameras

As we move into Photo Assignments I want to suggest getting creative with old cameras. Modern cameras offer most photographers more options than they will ever use. A GREAT photographer should be able to create GREAT images on any camera. This is where creative thinking comes into play. The limitations of dated equipment force you to change your approach. It often spawns creativity.

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  1. says

    I like the thinking; the act of constraining and limiting oneself is one reason my everyday carry is an older 35mm film camera and not a new digital camera. Also, the Beavis & Butthead interjection was gold, and made my night.

  2. Jens says

    Very inspiring! Some of my best photos was shot on a Holga and on cross processed film during the beginning of the digital era, 2004 – 2007. I used film because the good digital camera was to expensive and film was a cheap option. May be the Holga and crossprocessing 35mm film did not get the sharpest photos but it gave som nice files to work on. Using older digicams could do the same – trigger the creativity.

  3. says

    I’ve always felt that! It’s not the camera it’s the photographer. If you have an eye for composition and understand light, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have. I recently bought a digital Holga (kickstart – and I love the limitations. Here is a link to some of my digital Holga shots – – I started shooting in the 70’s with a Pentax K-1000 – pretty bare bones but I loved it, you could pound nails with it. I still get it out form time to time, I’m looking forward to the photo assignments and after watching this video, I may use my K1000.

  4. Joe McGurn says

    I loved this one. I am a runner and photographer and I was looking for a small camera to bring along on my runs. I got a Canon SD1200 IS at a yard sale for $1 because the guy said he didn’t have a charger. I got one for $6 on eBay and I was off for $7.

    The 10mp camera takes amazing photos and has forced me to rethink a lot of my composition, etc. I just always have this camera with me and because of that, I’m open to whatever I encounter on the streets. I love cheap cameras. Thanks for the podcast

  5. Denis S. says

    Great idea

    I have many old film cameras, but do want to have to deal with processing… well at this time; but I have an old Casio digital camera from the late 90s that would be perfect, 320 x 240 pixels. You are absolutely correct, the restrictions from old tech forces one to think outside the box. Love it.

    Looking forward to the assignments.

  6. Paul Bogan says

    Great video (and a good reminder). Sussman’s book was one of the first things I picked up when I started learning photography, and I go back to it from time to time when I need to remind myself to get back to basics.