Check Out These Sketchbooks!

The results are in – here are some viewer submissions for Photo Assignment 1. Honestly I didn’t think anyone would do the journal – its a lot of work but I was shocked at the number of people who did them!

If you want to see more, Facebook and Twitter seemed to be the most popular for submitting. Here are some links:

Facebook – (I’ve pinned the post to the top of the page)
Twitter –


  1. says

    I have recently become a fan of The Art of Photography. I joined in just enough time to see the submission for the photojournal. I’m excited about the idea of photo assignments. Mostly because it creates a sense of purpose and challenges Photographers, as you said, to think outside of the box. Assignments are perhaps the one thing I miss since studying photography in college. Will you be posting weekly assignments? I looked for one today 1/23/17. But no post. Staying tuned.


    Jeff Shaw