Creative Doubt

Doubt is the necessary evil of creativity. We all doubt our photography, we all doubt the work we are doing. Learning how to manage doubt is the key to success in the creative work that you are trying to achieve as a photographer.



  1. says

    Doubt’s a funny thing.

    In my pro days I never had them; retired, I have them all the time, and it’s nothing to do with photography but everything to do with motivation.

    Without the assignment it feels anything but essential, in the sense of doing something somebody somewhere needs from me, and the perpetual question lurking in the background is why am I doing this today? Yes, there’s still a level of buzz, but it doesn’t come with the same sense of achievement. Maybe it’s the downside of having had it as career that’s making itself felt.

    In some respects perhaps it would be better just forgetting about it altogether, but then I also know I’d miss it. The problem is, I suppose, that the mind – or at least its creative bit – just keeps on truckin’ regardless of the circumstances. Who needed this?


  2. peter says

    I’ve just watched the 10-year photo essay by John Free – simply superb! Thanks for providing the link.