David Brookover :: The Artist Series

David Brookover is a contemporary American photographer who specializes in landscape images. Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming he currently owns his own gallery. Having spent 15 years in Japan, Brookover is greatly influenced by Japanese art and textiles which is reflected in the diverse mediums of printing and paper use that is a major part of his work.

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Music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/v5wWKr


  1. says

    Very nice visual production, and enjoyable but for one gigantic mosquito: the sound of those “tubular bells” is far too distracting.

    It cuts the attention and overpowers. It’s not a feature movie where sound is supposed to add something to atmosphere, drama; here, for me, it just gets in the way to the point that I was almost driven to switching off, but fortunately I did not. I imagine peole want to listen to the artists, not some background interference.

    I know you are a muso, and I wish that I had some such ability too, but I think that in this instance, you just live too close to the wood…

    No offence, just an honest report of how I felt trying to watch.

    Rob C

  2. Peter says

    Your ‘Artist Series’ and ‘Photo Lit’ pieces are very enjoyable, and packed with interesting information. Thank you, Ted, for your time and energy in creating these.