Use of Line in Composition

This episode begins our mini-series on composition techniques. In this video series, I’m going to take a compositional technique and explore it. In addition we will look at images that exploit the technique and finally I’ll leave you with an assignment exercise so you can start to work the technique being discussed into your own work.

We are also keeping a blog for this series of videos. You can visit the composition blog at


Create 5 different images experimenting with different aspects of line. Try to make these as minimal as possible to really bring out the emphasis on using line. You’re going to create 5 different images using:

1) Vertical Lines
2) Horizontal Lines
3) Diagonal Lines
4) Organic Lines
5) Implied Lines

The implied will likely be the most difficult and the one that will take the most thought. I recommend you work with people as this will be the most obvious, but if you want to up the difficulty a little, try using still objects.

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  1. says

    Great episode, Ted. Lots of useful information on technique and aesthetics, with several memorable takeaways. Thanks for taking the time to collect and show as many example images as you did, too—I find examples like that to be very interesting, instructive, and inspiring (was that too much alliteration?). I like the idea of the assignment—it’s got me thinking . . .

  2. Rene says

    Hi Ted,
    great episode, I like the point trying to see this lines and captures these. Also you describe the topics. I will do the assigement and post them as soon as I got the pictures…looking forward to the next episodes.