Wynn Bullock


In this video we’re going to take a look at the work of Wynn Bullock. I believe Wynn created some of the most important and “ahead of its time” color abstract work in the history of photography. He is an extremely underrated photographer that deserves a higher place in photo literature.

Born in 1902, Wynn came to photography after a career as a musician. He found ways of taking his influences and expanding on their aesthetics. In the early 1960’s this culminated in an amazing collection of abstract color images shot on Kodachrome. The lack of archival printing and general disinterest in color by the fine art community lead to almost half a century of obscurity of these works.


  1. simon says

    Another brilliant and fascinating presentation.Really enjoyed the idea of finding and exploring fhe work of superb but ‘unfashionable’ artists. Thanks again Ted