Fear And Creativity

Fear is probably the biggest roadblock in photography or any other creative medium. Fear is what keeps us from pursuing our goals and our dreams. We all have fears but creative fears usually relate to our own self confidence and at the core our own egos.

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  1. says

    I feel that fear is different if you’re a commercial photographer, over a professional freelancer who sells their own work or a committed amateur. There are different levels of freedom within all three.

    Also, you can spend a long time trying to realise “your vision” and if you are lucky to find it what it is you’ve been striving for then perhaps there’s not necessarily a point in then changing direction.

    Your video is mostly about the fear of being judged by your work, but if you don’t really care about what people think (and you do hear many artists profess that they don’t) then I don’t think fear comes into the equation.

    Fear for me – I would say – would be deciding that I no longer have the passion for making images.

  2. John Mobbs says

    To me David Bowie is a great example of how an artist can reinvent themselves but for most of us fear holds us back. Fear of failure, fear of censure, fear of ridicule, even when we don’t value the comments from nay sayers it still hurts. Peer pressure is one of the most powerful things that we need to overcome.