Frank Lopez

Frank Lopez is an American, experimental photographer who works across a variety of alternative process methods including pinhole and wet plate collodion.

Lopez is also a teacher and works with students across a range of photography processes including digital, sabattier, cyanotype, wet plate and silver gelatin.

Lopez has spent extensive time across China, Vietnam and Korea producing street photography and cultural images made with a pinhole camera.

His latest work represents graffiti art and “slap tags”. These images are created with a hybrid process of digital and wet plate. The process starts with digital images produced on Lopez’s iPhone. These images are edited digitally both on the iPhone and in Photoshop. These images then are projected from an iPad retina screen back on to a wet plate then transferred as ambrotypes or tintypes.

Lopez lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

This video marks the first documentary produced by the Art of Photography. Please share this and “like” it! We want to make more of these!!!


  1. Patrick Galletti says

    Great job! I loved the mini documentary. Nicely done. I would love to see more about how Frank does his work. Some really wonderful things there.

  2. Janina B. says

    Great video! I would appreciate if the music weren’t so loud when he still speaks (middle of video), so a nonnative english speaker (as I am) could have a chance to understand him. But all in all very good! I always look forward to new videos, and afterwards can’ t keep my hands still to try out some of it!!