Fujifilm X-T2 :: Design Which Blows Every Camera Away

Fujifilm has designed a photography gem with the Fujifilm X-T2. The feature I’m most impressed by is the way they have considered the user experience of photographers in the design. The Fujifilm X-t2 is one of the most intuitive mirrorless cameras I’ve used and I think its an example for all camera manufacturers to learn from.

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  1. says

    Still have a Nikon F3 – still looks brand new! I bought it for pretty much the reasons you describe: my F4s was too clever for its own good, and the complications – as in self-loading – almost never worked. Yes, it had a better shutter etc. but the basic experience was retrograde; now I see it as a harbinger of today. Had Nikon not stopped advertising the F3 whilst still manfacturing it, I’d never have bought the F4s, which I did simply because I’d imagined the F3 to be out of production.

    My two digital Nikons are both tuned to resemble analogue cameras as closely as I can get them to be. The great advantage they offer me – other than no film costs – is auto ISO: fantastic.

    Rob C

  2. Thor says

    I bought an XPro2 for the very reasons you highlight. But also that Fuji was updating the firmware of existing models.

  3. Stephen Bedford says

    I spent a month researching cameras too find a smaller camera to replace my Canon EOS450D. I specifically looked at mirrorless cameras initially those by Canon. However, one I discovered the Fuji X series they immediately appealed. Specifically the X-E2S which, as a bundle with the XF18-55 lens was just in my prose range. It took me a long time to find somewhere that still had one in stock but eventually I did. I love it: the controls are great. In that respect it is similar to the XT20 except it doesn’t have a mechanical dial for ISO. Also it is a looks like a rangefinder rather then a SLR.

    Great usability, great optics and very pleasing results so far.

  4. says

    First, I do agree that almost any digital camera produced today will do a very good job.
    I used Canon gear for my whole career with the last camera being in the 1D series.
    I purchased the Fujifilm XT-1 several years ago to have a carry around camera since the 1D was quite heavy. As I shot both cameras I gradually started using my XT-1 for landscape because it produced a better image and continued to use the 1D for wildlife due to its better shutter speed, tracking capabilities, and Fuji’s lack of a long telephoto.
    When Fuji released their 100-400 last spring I tested it with bird and wild horse photography and was quite pleased. Plus Fuji released a firmware upgrade that improved its tracking. Still not perfect but it was good enough to use the Fuji fulltime.
    Then the XT-2 came out. They took what was already good and went to a whole new level. The tracking is amazing and the camera even easier to use. I sold all of my Canon gear.
    I think what initially sold me on Fuji was the intuitive ease of use. You can also get into the weeds with an extensive array of specialized setting if you so choose.