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Graciela Iturbide is one of the great contemporary photographers of Mexico. As a protégé of the modernest master Manuel Alvarez Bravo, she worked as his assistant before starting her own career in photography in the early 1970’s. Working mostly in large-scale documentary projects, she was commissioned in 1978 by the Ethnographic Archive of the National Indigenous Institute of Mexico to photograph Mexico’s indigenous population. The resulting project photographing the Seri Indians yielded one of her most iconic works, Mujer ángel, Desierto de Sonora in 1979. She has worked in her native Mexcio as well as Cuba, East Germany, India, Madagascar, Hungary, Paris and the United States. She was the recipient of the W Eugene Smith grant in 1971 and the prestigious Hasselblad award in 2008.

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    Great way to do it: let the artist do the talking. How often it turns out the reverse – an ego trip on behalf of the interviewer!

    I love her honesty, especially how she eschews the possible added glory of labels. If you speak Spanish, it’s even better, and her simple way of telling it as she sees it shines, as do the wonderful images.

    Well worth the wait!

    Rob C

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    Excellent! This is why I stick with your works because you play to all levels and as much as I understand you are trying to educate new photographers, I think you should be focusing on the Artist Series which you do so well and also the history and book profiles on your shows that I would love to see more.
    Graham Morgan