The Great Thing About Photo Assignments

Photo Assignments are a bi-weekly photo challenge designed for all of us to improve our creative thinking, learn and become better photographers.

Thumbnail image by Lee Parry


  1. Ella Wanczyk says

    Dear Ted!,
    I really like the video assignments You doing! I am new here and I would like to submit my photo to the assignment #Red.How can I send my photo and where? I will appreciate your helpful info.
    Ella Wanczyk

  2. says

    Great videos Ted! You asked for suggestions and the one that stands out to me, probably very trivial, is the images that you showed at the beginning of this video is a great idea; even “late-comers” have their images displayed. But, I found myself just starting to view the image and…it was gone. Perhaps I am alone in that I love to have a few seconds to take in what the photographer has created but 2 seconds just doesn’t allow that. I realize that you have limited time but perhaps fewer images displayed for a longer interval. I know, picky, picky, picky. :) Love your stuff, keep it up!! Cheers

  3. Preddy says

    Hello Ted,

    Greetings from Berlin (Germany, Europe)!

    Am watching your videos almost religiously hoping to improve my photographic and aesthete skills.

    Would like to participate to photo assignments, but am worried that one needs to have Facebook or other Social Media account in order to participate. Is it possible to participate without getting on social media (I know I sound like dinosaurs, am not like that, just do not like social media)?

    some of my works are here and

    please continue great work!

  4. Soumodip says

    I just started following your YouTube channel. I couldn’t find out how to participate in the photo assignments?

  5. Soumodip says

    I just started following your YouTube channel. I would love to participate in the photo assignments, but I am not sure how to do it. Help!

  6. says

    I would like to suggest that you put a button at the top of your website page for photo assignments so people can find the latest assignment and when it is due, and also review past assignments.