How I Photographed The Supermoon

I went and shot the biggest Supermoon in the last 68 years. This is how I did it.


  1. Stefan says

    Forget about “effective” focal lengths when photographing tiny objects like the moon. Only the real focal length determines the size and detail your image shows (Your 300mm lens gives you a 3mm sized image of the moon on your sensor). Sensor size only determines how large an area around the moon is shown!

    Also: When the moon is near the horizon it is actually several thousand miles further from you (half an Earth’s diameter) than when it hangs straight above you. The impression is the opposite, I know, but the impression is wrong! I agree with those who consider this whole super moon business spurious.

  2. peter kelsall says

    Thanks for another interesting and informative video. Unfortunately there was cloud where I was on Monday at the time of the Moonrise but |I did get a Nasa style photo later in the evening which turned out to be the best shot of the Moon I have to day, I recently acquired a Mamiya 500mm 645 lens which was perfect for the job, paired up with my cropped Sony A77, When added a 2x converter the moon almost filled the viewfinder.
    Thanks again for all your videos. I find them all very instructive as well as inspirational.