Keith Carter :: The Artist Series

Keith Carter is a contemporary American photographer based in Beaumont, Texas. His photography has evolved over the years incorporating many mediums including silver gelatin, wet plate collodion, photograms and digital photography. Keith uses many techniques and approaches to conceptually portray his statements as a photographer.

His acclaimed work in photography has led to over a hundred solo shows across 13 countries. He’s published 12 monographs and his work is in private and museum photography collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, George Eastman House, J Paul Getty Museum, MFA Houston, SFMoMA, President and Mrs Barak Obama and the Wittliff Gallery of Southwestern and Mexican Photography at Texas State University.

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  1. says

    Another very good one!

    Having been through the same loss I can understand the effect it has and the legacy it leaves. One’s life is never the same again, and if you’re a photographer, you just can’t prevent it coming through in your work, and you shouldn’t try to deny it its inevitable, altering power. You have either to give up or to continue with an almost manic dedication to your art. At least, that’s how I see it, how I survive.


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    Holy **** Ted – just watched your piece on Keith Carter and it is absolutely beautiful. I have enjoyed dozens of your videos over the last year but this one is so special. How involved are you? Well based on the content, not at all – but someone has to prepare the canvas for the artist to work on and creating the listening zone that creates the communication zone – you did that so well. Totally impressed. Howard Jackson

    • Ted Forbes says

      Thanks Howard – I produce, direct, film, edit… well I pretty much do the whole thing ;-)