Why I Love The Photography Community :: Clean Water for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is currently in a disastrous state following the damage from this summer’s hurricane season. FEMA is currently responding but supplies are needed. Chelsea and Tony Northrup are working with Michael the Maven on a charity project to deliver simple water filtration systems to people in need. This is an incredible way to give back and one of the reasons I love the photography community so much. These filters are all FEMA approved, in fact, Chelsea and Michael navigated all the red government tape to make this happen.

I am giving to the cause as well – I’ve donated a limited edition of 10 prints that you can get as well as 3 portfolio reviews for people who are interested.

This is the time to put down the camera and come together as a community and I’m really proud of my colleagues who are behind this cause.

You can donate here: http://sdp.io/prwater

Music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/v5wWKr