MAJOR Adobe Updates :: Adobe Color and Why It Matters

Adobe are launching some major updates for photography applications. I think these are the most significant updates they’ve put out in the last 10 years. They all hinge around the new camera RAW calibration profile known as Adobe Color.

A camera RAW calibration profile is the first step in rendering a camera raw image before you begin to edit. Lets look at how this will improve not only your image quality, but also speeding up your workflow allowing you to get better results in Adobe Lightroom FAST!


  1. Daniel Münch says

    Dear Ted,
    I am Daniel located in Munich, Germany, and an enthusiastic hobby photographer.
    With great interest I have been following your activities on the internet for quite a long time, thanks for all your efforts.
    Just yesterday I watched your latest video on the Adobe update regarding the color/camera profiles…and it concerned me “a bit”.
    Some weeks ago I bought the Fuji GFX50S and was happy to see that Adobe PS offers specific color/camera profiles which match with the named device. After I have watched your video I checked the new features on my computer and learned that the Fuji specific profiles are gone.
    Now my question(s): do you know whether there is any chance to load those profiles again into PS? Maybe they are just “hidden” somewhere in the preferences or somewhere else, but I did not come across them so far.
    I know you are quite a busy man, but I would be happy and appreciate if you sent me a short reply. Thanks so much…
    Have a great day and keep going on…I really like your style of presenting topics which, besides my family and soccer, appeal to me most in life ;-)