Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt is one of the more important photographers working in fine art today. His entire cause and mission is wrapped around stopping the rampant poaching problem in East Africa.

Nick photographs animals as portraits. He doesn’t use telephoto lenses as he prefers to photograph his subjects as one would people. This is a painstaking practice that involves extreme patience and dedication and this shows clearly in the work he produces.

Brandt works in a hybrid film and digital process. He photographs using film on a Pentax 67 camera with modified lens (creating a soft focus, tilt-shift effect). The film is scanned and toned in the computer before the works are rendered as digital prints.

Nick Brandt:
Big Life Foundation:

On This Earth:
A Shadow Falls:
Across the Ravaged Land:

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  1. Joe Covino says

    Great episode. Thanks Ted. Your so right about seeing his stuff in person. I saw his exhibit in Boston around 2005. Absolutely beautiful large prints.