Organizing Every Photo You’ve Ever Taken

One of my big projects right now is changing up my digital storage for photo and video files. My goal is to have everything in one place, easy to get to without breaking the bank. This is step one.

Also some awesome stuff in the mail this week! Check out:

Tim Huebeck/Waste Of Film…/timheubeckpho…

Tom Barr – Ootlier

The Bigger Picture Cards

Music from Epidemic Sound:


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    I catalog all my photos using lightroom. This is an extension of the cataloging of all the papers I would read for my research. I started cataloging papers with 3×5 cards while a grad student. I changed to punch cards that were sorted with needles to find papers by author or subject. Finally I changed to computer based programs when they became available. With the number of pictures I was taking started exploding when digital photography arrived I knew I needed something and started with lightroom while it was in beta.