1. John Mobbs says

    You always use music on your episodes that I really connect to as its not the run of the mill junk one hears on the radio. I would like to track down some of the artists that you use so please please please give a shout out to the artist and track you used so we can all enjoy more of it.

    Thanks for such great videos and your creative talks have inspired me to look much more deeply into my local town and try to produce a photo book on what the town means to me. I already have a Licentiate distinction with the Royal Photographic Society and now am planning how to get to the Associate level.

    Thanks for your motivational videos.

    John Mobbs

  2. Karl W Kochman says

    You gave us a quote in your GH5 Autofocus fix. I heard this:

    “Frustration or anger is not the problem, _________ is!”
    -Woody Guthrie

    Can you just email me the missing word? I searched all his web sites and did not find the answer.

    Great! Podcasts you give to us!
    ~karl Kochman=coach-msn