The Person Who Changed My Life

My 9th grade year had to be the low point of my life. This is a story about the remarkable person who changed everything.


  1. says

    Nice light at the start of your video; yes, teachers.

    Mine, too, was an English teacher back in Scotland in ’56. Barbara Farr.
    She gave me a “Complete works of Shakespeare” when I left school. It lay neglected for decades, then I had a heart attack. Later on, as I was being moved from IC to my own little ward, my wife asked me what I’d like her to bring round to the hospital. That book was it.

    Perhaps even though we eventually stop referring to things of our youth, their influence always remains and acts as a sort of tiller that half-guides us through the rest of life.

    My mother was very interested in art and painters, and as a child I saw a lot of gallery space. No wonder I ended up being a photographer!

  2. says

    Nicely done, Ted. I am a retired teacher and greatly appreciate when people recognize the time and effort needed to do the best job. Mostly it is how teachers have a positive influence on students. Bravo to your English Teacher.

  3. Ken Thompson says

    Bridge builders, the key to our society and culture’s success! Great story and good for her to reach out and you for listening and acting upon her advise!

  4. says

    Beautiful. In the 3rd grade Mrs. Walmsley introduced me to nature and science. This shaped my entire life. In spite of never meeting a scientist I decided this was going to be my career and entered college with that as my goal. I have fulfilled that goal and enjoyed being engaged in teaching and research. This is all thanks to my 3rd grade teacher.

  5. Mrs Hilary Dent says

    Ted Forbes you have changed my mid-life. I follow your fantastic channel, The Art of Photography from over in the UK. If you’re ever here I’d love to meet you; to thank you.