Photo Assignment #10 :: Positive and Negative Space

The next Photo Assignment is to explore possibilities of positive and negative space. Positive and negative space are compositional elements that describe what’s important in a photograph or visual composition and what is supportive.

Positive space is usually the subject of your photography – its where you want to draw the eye of the viewer. The space this takes up in the composition is referred to as Positive Space. Negative Space refers to things like the background and supportive elements. Negative Space has a role beyond just staying out of the way. You can create interest by carefully using this negative space to support the subject in your photograph’s composition.


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    Shame about the entrance path to the “Assignment” thing. Personally, I don’t like to involve myself with any of the social media routes such as Twit, Face, Insta, ‘Tube or the likes; I do enjoy a few photography-based sites and contribute, but that’s about it. I don’t like to feel that I am getting onto a gigantic treadmill where I spend my days and nights captive to a cellphone or computer or whatever. (Bad enough that I spent a career depending on that ‘phone ringing.) Freedom starts pretty close to home. I know so many people who have lost that sense of autonomy; one need only go to a restaurant to see the way society has lost the art of conversation and has flocked to the head-down, in-my-bubble approach to having a good time. Never mind what they no longer find to say, do they even taste their food, or is that the purpose, the avoiding of those experiences?

    That said, it’s your show and the more widespread the catchment area the better for you; I can undertand that. Nonetheless, you must be missing a lot of interesting images by cutting off people with different ideas about how their time is best spent. We are not some homegenous whole, and deciding where to limit our presence is no bad thing…


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      Dear Rob,
      pincipally agreeing with Your view, I want to remind You of the principle of freedom of selection – though rigorously combatted by the mentioned t(h)readmill producers and managers.
      As I see from Your comment You are not completely cut off social media and may use them reasonably!
      I would have preferred the culture in which exchange of thoughts is performed by well constructed letters and long brilliant conversations at intellectual and artistic “Salons” but this shows on the other side its very very limited social scope.
      As far as I am concerned I tend to narrow my usual “consumation” to AOP, “the canded frame” and Gordon Laing.