Photography And Location

Is being associated with a place important in photography? Photographer Keith Carter once told me he heard the author Horton Foote say that it is part of being an artist to embrace your surroundings. So today, as a YouTuber and photographer I will take you along to explore my home town.

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  1. John Mobbs says

    I have recently started a project I call My Town, that is, Harpenden, Hertfordshire in England. I don’t want just record shots of key places but rather to create a sense of emotion about parts of the town that have memories for me (I have lived here since 1970). This idea of emotion in photos of a place so familiar is going to be difficult but doable I think. It will just take time! Do you have any thougts on creating emotion in still photographs?

    I look forward to your next blog.

    All the best,


  2. says

    Hi Ted,

    First let me say I love The Art Of Photography podcast and the videos. I am fairly new to listening/watching and have really enjoyed the content. You bring up some really interesting ideas and really make me think about my photography.

    I think for me, having history in the place you are shooting does make it a little special. I enjoy shooting wherever I go, but when I am in my home town, or where I live now or even where my family has a history, it is really special and I seem to take better photos.

    I mainly shoot landscapes and nature photography, but when I visit a small older town as a photographer I am immediately drawn to two things; #1 the oldest church and #2 wall art (old paintings on buildings). I love this stuff. Two weekends ago I took my son and went to the town where my dad was born, Seiling Oklahoma. My Grandmother and Grandfather are buried there along with my great grandfather and two uncles. As we walked around the small town I took some of my best shots of wall art I have ever taken. I couldn’t wait to sit down and share them with my dad, which I did last weekend.

    Keep up the good work and I hope to enter a photo assignment in the near future.