Photography On The Brink Of Extinction

There is one thing in photography that has declined to the brink of extinction in recent years – photography books. The economy has changed, they are expensive to print, photographers tend to live online now. But other than sparse museum catalogs, if it weren’t for Steidl and a few other publishers, books wouldn’t be currently produced.

Support art and support photography – on both the local and global levels.

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  1. Joe Rivers says

    Last year while on a photo vacation in the Northwest U.S. (traveling from Salt Lake City to Crater Lake to Seattle) my wife introduced me to a fantastic bookstore in Portland Oregon. It’s called Powell’s. The building is an entire city block and three stories high with a couple of mezzanine levels, too. All kinds of books and a large photography section. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, too. They have an online presence but it’s worth the trip to visit in person.
    Thanks for all your great work, always look forward to each video.
    – Joe