Photography Interpretations

One of the great things about photography is how different photographers interpret the same subject. This is the essence of photography and what makes it interesting.

We all have our own personalities and the best photographers find ways to bring this out in their images. Its what gives them their style and what makes them who they are.

Photographers in this episode:

Tom Baril
Michael Kenna
Chuck Close
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Elliott Erwitt
Robert Mapplethorpe
Richard Avedon
Martin Munkácsi
Arnold Newman
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Gordon Parks
Tina Modotti
Wolf Von Dem Bussche


  1. says

    What a great idea. A podcast on “Photography Interpretations”.

    This is what photography is about, revealing your own identity.

    By reviewing how different photographers interpret similar subjects, we see their distinctive approach on how they go about sharing their “own” visions. How they search for original ways to represent light and dark on a 2D media, whether it be a print or a pixelated version. They go beyond what the subject represent, they reveal their hidden nature.

    I would love to see follow ups in that category. They are a learning experience.

    Thank you Ted for being different, unique, in sharing a photographic podcast that is specifically intended to the “Art of Photography”.

  2. Clare says

    Love your shows Ted, but this one? Wow! Fantastic choice of beautiful photos and interesting comparisons and contrasts between the styles. Some, such as Michael Kenna were immediately recognisable, so it was interesting see the different interpretations of well known objects or locations. Thanks for such a great show Ted, hope to see some more like this.