Photojournalism Vs Street Photography

I had someone ask in the comments this week what the difference is between photojournalism and street photography. Photojournalism is a vocation and street photography is a genre. Photojournalism definitely includes elements of street photography, but they describe two different things.

The Week In Pictures


  1. Mike Parker says

    Great segment, Ted! I particularly liked the clarification on photojournalism vs. street photography. please keep up the great work.

  2. Chris Sanford says

    Very impressive images in this segment, Ted.

    For me, photojournalism tells a story whereas street photography doesn’t necessarily do that. It uses the street (with or without people) as a subject in itself and does record a particular moment in time but doesn’t have to be anything more than elements coming together to make a composition of light and form. Even color can be the subject in a street photo; Saul Leiter comes to mind…