Your Photos! Photo Assignment #10

Here is your work from Photo Assignment #10 :: Negative and Positive Space in Photography Composition. Composition in photography involves understanding elements in the photo and relationships they have with one another. When used effectively, positive and negative space can bring emphasis to objects in your composition and create a much stronger photo in the end.

Thanks to all who participated! If you want to learn more, I’ve linked the video below.

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  1. Paul Sweeney says

    Hi Ted. Congratulations – I have only recently discovered you on YouTube. Your videos and discussions are inspirational and informative. I have recently retired from the construction industry and am spending some time learning digital photography. Very much an amateur but inspired by you and the images you review and showcase. Thank you. Paul

  2. says

    You’ve coaxed really excellent images from your contributors; yes, it could be said that some shots are emotionally/visually similar to other better-known ones, but avoiding that in today’s world is almost impossible, so all kudos to your collection! Congratulations to those photographers featured.


  3. says

    I have always enjoyed the show via the iOS Podcast App. This evening four episodes downloaded together, including the assignment episode and this one. Why is there such a delay on iOS posts?

  4. says

    Mark, forget “apps” and use the computer and Dr Google when you get home. Apps are just bits of marketing rubbish designed to enforce a less and less gentle dependency.on cellphones. Rediscover personal freedom: keep the cell off unless you find yourself in an emergency. You never needed it before it was invented; your life still went on, and probably more serenely: nobody could catch you on the toilet. I assume you don’t really want anyone to do that, do you?