Polar Bear In A Shopping Mall :: The Week In Pictures

The Week In Pictures is a weekly video I do exploring the very best of photojournalism and photography. All photographs were made in the last week and feature subjects not found in headline news.


  1. says

    Please Ted I beg of you…..zero political stuff if you can help it. If people watch the news at all we get plenty of that on regular news channels…great show once more and really enjoy the commentary on each image.

  2. Ken Thompson says

    I agree, we don’t need to know your political views. Go for the quality of the photos we would not see in the MSN and let us interrupt what they say to us.

  3. says

    I’m really liking this new segment. In particular your original intention of showcasing exceptional images that otherwise go unnoticed because they are overlooked for more sensationalized images. As for the comments about politics… politics is news and regardless of viewpoints that topic shouldn’t be disqualified because it may be a Pandora’s Box of sentiments. If an image is exceptional it shouldn’t matter the topic.

  4. Alasdair McLeod says

    More like this one please. The sequence of marvellous and varied photographs over the Bach Goldberg aria worked beautifully.

  5. Peter says

    Please don’t shy away from politics. In many ways, we see that art is heavily interwoven with politics, and therefore – when germane to the art content – the political stuff should, in my view, be included.

    Superb website, BTW!

  6. says

    One more voice for leaving the current political images out of your selections. I very much appreciate your doing the work of scouting for high-quality journalistic images we likely have not seen. Even (or maybe especially) the best current political images are more apt to have been publicized and therefore redundant – whereas, so far, all of your selections were new to me. I also think it is wise of you to leave out editorial comments while showing the images, though I value your spin in the intro.