Q&A :: Haters

Responses to some questions from Facebook

Here are the recommended books on creative thinking:

Edward de Bono :: Six Thinking Hats

Edward de Bono :: Lateral Thinking


  1. James says

    Hi Ted,

    Thanks Ted I really enjoy your shows and have learned a lot from you especially when you’ve introduced artists/photographers. I have in the past really enjoyed your book reviews or artist sections in which you would introduce photographers through pages in books. In your last video, you talked about the idea of being creative as being more important than the camera or what you do with the camera. These videos introduced your viewers to great photographers that had ideas and could be used as a springboard for researching/connecting to a creative idea. You don’t do many of these any more.
    Books are an underappreciated resource and you were one of the few that use to regularly talk about photography books or use books to introduce photographers. Could we see more photography books in your videos please? Through looking at photographers on your show, I now have an insightful collection of books that are constantly used as a resource that is inspiring and educational. Books are undervalued in this multimedia world and I thought it was great to see you promote this with in your shows.
    I have acquired many books this year usually from artists that I have seen on your shows. Of these three stand out as favourites this year. Ernst Haas ‘Color Correction’, and two exhibition books from great shows seen in London, England. Saul Leiter ‘Haus Der Photographie’ and ‘The Radical Eye’ which is a collaborative exhibition with Elton John and the Tate gallery. Do you have favourite books this year? Are there books you would recommend on photographers you haven’t covered within your shows? Could we see more inspirational photographers reviewed/discussed in future videos.

    Keep inspiring.