Saul Leiter :: Early Black and White

Saul Leiter was one of the greatest undiscovered photographers of the 20th century. Working in New York as a fashion photographer, Saul Leiter amassed an amazing collection of personal work that came to the attention of Howard Greenberg in the 2000’s. Before Saul’s death – the release of “Early Color” changed Saul’s career finally bringing the attention and praise he long deserved.

Last year Greenberg/Steidl released a 2 volume book set called “Early Black and White”. Divided into 2 volumes (I. Interior and II. Exterior), the portfolio shows a much different side of Saul. The images are just as beautiful as the Early Color work, but they are made with a completely different approach. In some ways they could have been done by a completely different photographer, but there’s a hallmark of the style that is obviously classic Saul Leiter.

The impressive part is that Saul treated black and white vs color as 2 different mediums. Much like an artist who paints and sculpts, the respect for these 2 “mediums” speaks to Saul’s passion and respect for photography as well as his extraordinary talent as an artist.

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    I love Saul Leiter’s black and white work and I have a copy of his “Early Black and White.” I wish Ted had included comments and pictures of some of the many fine nudes that are included in Saul’s volume of black and white interiors. Was there some sort of liability issue or fear of offending?