Sony a9 :: The DSLR Killer

Today Sony announced the newest addition to the Sony Alpha line up – the Sony A9. Targeted at professional sports photographers and photojournalists, this camera offers high performance aimed at the Nikon and Canon dominated DSLR market.

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  1. Chris says

    New camera models come out all the time. Seems like the differences between a lot of the models from different brands are largely academic, showcasing incremental “improvements” or some-such, however one cares to define the leading edge. Specialists might care about what differentiates the cameras–pro sports photographers and so on–and that’s fine. But I can’t help but think that a great many of the rest of us are missing out on something important if we get caught up in the next thing. The advances in stuff will never end; our lives will. Wanting to dig deeper on this issue, but lacking the right words.