The Answer Is KAWS

Answering your photography questions… by far the most popular of them relate to getting your work into galleries or seen by museum curators. Lets talk about that.

Leading a creative life means being creative in other areas as well. I think this is vital to photography or any of the arts for that matter. Photographers tend to chase careers that are decades behind us.

The answer is KAWS.

KAWS is the moniker of contemporary artist and designer Brian Donnelly who works out of Brooklyn. If a graffiti artist can have a career like this, what are the possibilities for photographers?

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  1. says

    I think you did a good, and necessary job of not pretending that there are ever easy or direct answers/paths into the ‘professional’ arts. Many artists – in the sense of art-school graduates – seem to stay in academia and become art teachers, locked into a loop which in my mind, is hardly fulfilling the orginal motivation that could possibly drive anyone who considers himself an ‘artist’.

    My own big problem, before I found my personal route into being a pro photographer, was simply how little anyone I knew knew about pro (commercial) photography: it seemed to be a closed circuit with mystery as the way in. And that was back in 1960. Heaven knows how difficult it must be today, with so many outlets gone or simply no longer viable ways of making that daily crust; stock comes to mind because it might appear an easy option. Even at my peak, stock was never more than a sideline,. an offshot from commissioned work. It might have been a lot more satisfying to do my own thing all the time, on some levels, but it was never going to pay the bills. It’s also worth noting that totally self-absorbed working can’t bring the reward of winning a commission, which is a special feeling of its own. Okay, you may sell existing stuff to strangers, but that’s a different thing to having a client put his trust in you to spend big money (his) and go away to return with what he needs. That’s a cool feeling, that kind of respect and faith in oneself.

    But I do still wish there were simple, direct routes!