The First Photograph

The first photograph ever is a heliograph made by Nicéphor Niépce in 1825 of a rooftop in France. Its an extremely early example and the oldest surviving object in the history of photography.

Despite my close relationship with this photograph, I have never actually seen it in person – until now.

Come along to Austin Texas and see the earliest surviving photograph in history.


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    Another wonderful vlog, Ted. Thank you.

    In an age when many (if not most) images are viewed only on a computer screen I think it’s nice to encourage photographers to commit their images to paper. Although I photograph both digitally and with film, I try to present images as objects of art rather than digital files. Holding a photograph is a different experience than seeing it on the screen.

    Printing images in platinum gives me (and, I hope, the observer) the sense that we are experiencing a unique object whether the original image capture was digital or analog. Ted, you might consider a vlog entry on alternative photographic techniques with this in mind.

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    I got to see it a few days ago. Photographic Mecca.

    The HRC site has a thoughtful web exhibit, as well