Unprecedented Disaster

This is a time to put the camera down and not discuss photography. As most of you know I live in Texas and we are likely seeing the largest natural disaster in American history with Hurricane Harvey as it has hit the gulf coast. This is a serious video and your help is needed.

Here Are Ways You Can Help People During Hurricane Harvey
(via Texas Monthly) https://goo.gl/hvk9y8


  1. Carlos Lacroze says

    Somehow I’ve bumped into your work and I’ve been learning a lot with all your videos, about the world of the art of photography.

    I’ve been watching on TV all this tragic situation, and wanted to send my deepest sympathy to all the people in Texas.

    Best regards, Carlos from Argentina.

  2. John Mobbs says

    All our thoughts and prayers are with you all in Texas and especially Houston and the surroundinga areas. I t will be a long road to recovery and we will not forget you.