Video Color Grading 101 With DaVinci Resolve

After my last few travel videos I’ve had people ask me if I could do a video on my color grading process.

I’m using DaVinci Resolve 12 currently. Its free and its absolutely amazing.


  1. says

    Ted – good introduction to DaVinci Resolve. Color grading is not limited to video and film. It’s common in fashion and some advertising photography. The principles and history of color grading go back to the earliest days of film, when film manufacturers offered tinted film stocks to create specific looks.

    I owned a production company in LA for 10 years, and did most of the video editing. That’s where I learned color correction and color grading, and I’ve carried that approach over to my landscape and nature photography. Studying many of the famous landscape painters, you’ll see that they often use limited color palettes and effectively use these palettes to evoke emotion, create mood and focus the viewer on the subject.

    So, if you wanted to expand on this and take it into the still photography world, you could devote a show to the art and theory of color grading in stills.


  2. peter kelsall says

    I enjoyed your presentation enormously as I’ve been wanting to make more use of the video functions of my cameras, beyond making short snapshot films. Watching you manipulate your footage with apparent ease has given me a lot to think about.
    Thanks for posting it for us, as always I enjoy watching everything you present.