World’s Tiniest Drone

I’ve been using the DJI Spark for the last few weeks – DJI are calling this the Worlds Smallest Drone and it is tiny! It is considerably underpowered when you compare it to the DJI Mavic or the DJI Phantom 4 but the size and versatility make this a very worthwhile drone to have. Its easy to use and if you learn the quirks of the camera, you can get some incredible looking footage and still photos.

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  1. Nigel Harris says

    Love your show! Drones… I was walking in one of our National Parks with my girlfriend recently and a drone flew overhead. Seriously intrusive.. If the drone had flown 12″ closer I would have grabbed it and destroyed it. What are your views on drone ethics? How do we balance people’s right to privacy and peace and quiet with the artist’s need to create?

  2. says

    Ted, love your channel I have watched for years the quality of your output and artistic depth is the differentiator for me so please don’t do spark tutorials there are a million out there.
    Instead I see your value in producing beautiful work with it and telling us how you did it, what did you film, why, what flight mode did you use, why, how did you process it etc.

    I have a p4 and mavic and spark and your right the p4 is a pallava to use its for serious work, the mavic was for mountain hiking capture the adventure stuff but with batteries etc it’s best part of 2kg so sometimes gets left if I look at the weather and think it’s not going g to be good I’m not taking the mavic for a 20mile hike in the mountains and that’s were I see the spark fitting in.
    The size doesn’t draw attention the weight means it goes regardless of weather forecast if it’s not used its not the end of the world and the output is just good enough quality if your careful shooting.
    Your correct dji gives is raw photos and dlog video and it will be perfect.

    Keep up the great work.