The image quality on the Nikon Z6 is absolutely outstanding. Images are captured with outstanding sharpness, clarity and color rendition.

Nikon Z6

The Z6 produces up to 14-bit raw files for stills and up to 10-bit 4k video with no line skipping, pixel binning or cropping – its a direct sensor readout and the picture quality is gorgeous. The only gotcha with video is that to produce 10-bit video and the N-Log profile, you have to use an external recorder such as the Atomos Ninja V. Internal recording is 8-bit only, though the video still looks fantastic. More on this when I talk about video quality.

The images produced on the Z6 are sharp with vibrant colors. Interestingly enough, the Z6 and Z7 are almost identical except for the obvious megapixel difference. If you don’t have a need for massive files you can save some money, get much better video quality and go with the Z6.

Nikon Z6

Nikon Z6 Review Index

• 01 Introduction
• 02 EVF/LCD
• 03 Ergonomics
• 04 Autofocus
• 05 Menu System and Controls
• 06 Performance
• 07 Image Quality
• 08 Dynamic Range
• 09 Video Quality
• 10 Image Stabilization
• 11 Conclusion
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