The Nikon Z6 features a menu system that is very consistent with systems found on their DSLR cameras. Nikon shooters will be very much at home with the menus and layout.

Nikon Z6 Mode Switch

At the heart of the Z6, there is a button for switching between still and video modes. The entire camera works around this. The camera will also retain settings which is extremely useful for photographers who go back and forth between shooting stills and video. If you’re shooting stills, you switch over to shoot video – you’ll likely change your settings. Switch back and the camera retains the settings you used in the other mode. This is extremely nice.

Nikon Z6 Custom User Settings

Nikon Z6 Custom User Settings

Additionally there are 3 custom user recall modes you can get to on the mode-selection dial (U1, U2 and U3). What you might not realize is actually there are 6 modes – 3 for still and 3 for video. This gives you a nice range of recall settings and is very useful.

Nikon Z6 Menu System

As I mentioned with the LCD screen – Nikon has added gestures to the touch capabilities. You can now swipe to scroll through the menu pages.

There is also touch capabilities added to the rear screen for several functions. You can toggle touch to AF, touch to shoot or turn touch off. You can also select the ISO by touching the rear screen.

This is where some clean up is needed. If you touch to change the ISO, you get a menu for the ISO only which is useless if you’re using auto ISO sensitivity. To toggle that, you have to go to the info button, touch there and then actually move the joy stick or control wheel down to get to the ISO. They should at least be the same screen.

A few bugs

Another minor complaint is the joystick functionality. You can use it to navigate the menu system, but don’t press to select – that turns on live view. You can customize this in the settings, but the options are live view only – not menu navigation.

Again – this is an example of mirrorless cameras allowing more possibilities. Nikon has given them to us, but the implementation is somewhat sloppy in places.

Nikon Z6 Review Index

• 01 Introduction
• 02 EVF/LCD
• 03 Ergonomics
• 04 Autofocus
• 05 Menu System and Controls
• 06 Performance
• 07 Image Quality
• 08 Dynamic Range
• 09 Video Quality
• 10 Image Stabilization
• 11 Conclusion
• 12 Image Gallery