Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is the entry level DSLR in the lineup of DX cameras. It replaces the former D3100 and D3000 cameras. It sits under the Nikon D5200 and the Nikon D7100.


The interesting thing about Nikon’s entry level cameras is that they do an excellent job of “bang for the buck”. They really pioneered this years ago with the D40 which I’ll admit that I still own and use from time to time today. If you need a good “throw around” camera that can be taken camping, on trips with the kids, day to day stuff, etc. These entry level cameras are almost always light, ergonomic machines capable of excellent images at a very reasonable price. Granted they’re usually not as feature intensive as their big brother models, but if you know how to use a camera or want to learn they are an excellent choice.

Ethics Statement:

I purchase most of my equipment from the wonderful B&H Photo. This and all of the reviews on this website are done from my own personal experiences – in other words, I don’t do paid reviews. This allows me to be honest with the reviews that I do. They are of course, my opinions but hopefully they will help you become better informed about cameras that we discuss. If you do decide you want to order a D3200, you can help the site by using the affiliate links on this page. You don’t have to use them, but you can help the site out by doing so which allows me to bring you more reviews, podcast episodes and content.

Is the Nikon D3200 my next camera?

The Nikon D3200 is the perfect camera for two kinds of photographers. If you are looking at buying your first DSLR I think this is a wonderful choice. Its not expensive and it is capable of getting wonderful images. I think this camera is also ideal for photographers who need a backup camera that won’t break the bank. If you want something you can use for special application or carry when you don’t want to risk more expensive equipment this is a great choice. This camera is small and quiet that actually make it more useful than more expensive models in situations where you need to be more stealth. It may lack features of the high end stuff, but if you know how to get photographs you can work around quite a bit. If you are more of a beginner this is a great camera to learn on. The street price is under $600 so it makes it a pretty easy choice.

If you shoot DSLR video and need a second camera for multi-cam shots, this will get the job done and the price is right.

Nikon currently only offers this camera with the included kit lens. I personally think that if you pair this up with a Nikon 35mm 1.8 you’ll have a compact camera that is hard to beat. The optics and aperture are exceptional and low-light is not an issue.

Image Quality

The image quality with this camera is excellent. At 24MP its got more than enough resolution to get professional results with. Don’t believe me – look at the images below. Good photographers can get exceptional images from this camera. Its simple to use and small to hold. Over the years technology has much improved and the ISO performance on this camera is outstanding. Its quite usable even at ISO 6400. The extended 12800 mode is less usable and pretty noisy, but 6400 should cover just about any practical situation. Get a tripod if you want to shoot night shots and this camera will do just fine.

HD video looks awesome as well and this camera is very usable. Video is an area where you really don’t need more features as you’ll want to do most video manually. This includes focus.

The EXPEED III processor is quite nice and this camera is much improved over earlier versions such as the D3100 and the D3000. Its got more DSP power which results in better color and detail in low light when using higher ISO’s.

The camera is also the lightest camera Nikon has ever made. at 17.8oz its lighter than the D40 which was amazing ergonomically.


Sensor: 24MP DX Format CMOS Sensor
Image Processor: EXPEED III Image Processor
LCD: 3.0″ 921K dot LCD
Auto Focus: 11 AF Points
ISO Range: 200-6400 (Extended Mode: 12800)
Shutter: 1/4000 – 30 sec
Flash Sync: 1/200 sec
MLU: Yes
Frame Speed: up to 4 FPS burst mode
Viewfinder: 0.8x magnification
Video: MPEG-4, AVC/H.264, Mov
Video Frame Rates:
1920×1080: 30fps, 25fps, 24fps,
1280×720: 60fps, 50fps
640×424: 30fps, 25fps

From Flickr:


Norwich Cathedral

Blue Mist

Panorama Mont Fort


  1. says

    I own this camera and has been my main body for the past 7 months and the more I use it the more comfortable I am with it… Sample images that I have done can be seen here This is a backlit technique but what i want you to see is the level of detail that can be achieved with this camera… she has everything you would need to take very high quality images. thie only thing it does not have is buttons everywhere if you can live hitting the info button and moving the cursor you will be a very happy owner… I know I am :-)

  2. Evi says

    I bought Nikon D3200 a few months ago due to many good reviews on Amazon and I really love this camera, the fact that it’s really good for beginners to DSLR makes it easy for me to learn how to use it. I just love taking all kind of pictures with this camera, pictures of nature, pictures of my kids, pictures of ordinary things, you name it I try taking pictures with :)