Photo Assignments are a set of monthly photo challenges that I do on my YouTube channel. The idea is to provide an assignment that anyone can participate in. I begin with a video that introduces the assignment and gives examples of the topic through history and by known photographers. Viewers are invited to participate. The work is then shared on social media and tagged so I can see all of the entries and finally I produce a video featuring some of the best work submitted.

Photo Assignments are not a class. I don’t give grades and I’m not able to provide one-on-one instruction, but the results have been really surprising – not only in the quality of work submitted but in the range of thought that goes into it. Some of our topics are abstract, some of them just a challenge and some are based on visual composition principals. But the results are a lot of fun. They benefit everyone not only in seeing each-other’s work, but the point is to share what you’re working on and put it online. Its a win for everyone.

You can view Photo Assignments as a playlist on YouTube here.

Current Assignment:
Photo Assignment #15 :: Holga Style!

Previous Assignments:
Photo Assignment #1 :: Variations
Photo Assignment #2 :: Low Angle Shooting
Photo Assignment #3 :: Eye Level Shooting
Photo Assignment #4 :: High Angle Shooting
Photo Assignment #5 :: Red
Photo Assignment #6 :: Photo Sequences
Photo Assignment #7 :: Motion
Photo Assignment #8 :: Still Life
Photo Assignment #9 :: Personal Freedom
Photo Assignment #10 :: Negative Space
Photo Assignment #11 :: Subframing
Photo Assignment #12 :: Composite Images
Photo Assignment #13 :: Self Portraits
Photo Assignment #14 :: Food Photography

How To Participate
View the most recent assignment video and check the deadline. The deadline is just for those who want to be featured in the followup video. Of course you can do any of these assignments on your own at any time.

If you’re participating with the group, check the hashtag and make sure you use that with your image when you post to social media. Twitter and Instagram are the best with hashtags, if you’re using Facebook, post it to the Art of Photography page. You can optionally tag me on Twitter and Instagram – my accounts are here and here.

Do NOT email me images directly. I don’t provide one-on-one feedback – I just can’t. I would have no time to make videos as there are literally hundreds of submissions on these. Sorry about that but the point is to learn how to promote your work on social media. I can’t respond to private messages. Your images will not be considered this way – they are not part of my workflow when I’m selecting the final work to share.