Sony Alpha NEX-5T

Sony NEX 5T Overview

Sony NEX 5T

The Sony NEX-5T is the newest camera in the Sony mirrorless lineup. The NEX 5T is the successor presumably replacing the Sony NEX 5R. Its essentially the same awesome bang for the buck camera as the 5R with some new features.

As I mentioned, the NEX 5T isn’t actually out yet, you can preorder your’s here. I’ll update this review page when I’ve had a chance to work with the camera. It does look like a nice upgrade.

The Sony NEX 5T is the same 16.1 megapixel camera as the 5R and uses the same touch screen – 3 inch tilt-able. However there is a new BIONZ image processor that boasts a top ISO of 25600 and claims cleaner images at higher ISO’s. The 5R is very good with low light and the BIONZ could make it a notch better.

Also new is a hybrid auto-focus that uses both phase and contrast detection that will make auto focus faster and more accurate. The phase detection uses a 99 point AF to set and maintain focus on the subject. Contrast detection uses 25 points to refine this and ensure exact focus. AF will function in both single-shot or continuous. You can also use direct manual focus as well.

Video seems to be the same as the 5R. The 5R shoots amazing video and is honestly the reason I bought the camera in the first place.

WiFi, picture modes and other feature seem to be brought over from the 5R as well. While these are nice, I rarely use them as I mentioned in my Sony NEX 5R review.

The Million Dollar Question

I absolutely love the 5R. Its my favorite in the NEX lineup for its portability, ease of use, size and image quality. The problem is the sensor overheats after a few minutes and the camera shuts off. This is a big problem when recording longer video.

Does the 5T address this problem? I sure hope so. I haven’t found anything indicating that it does, so I’ll have to wait to get my hands on the one I preordered.

Oh – and most importantly, did I mention the price? Street price is $548 for the body only. This makes it an easy choice.


  1. Sebastian says


    I have a Nex 7 with LA-AE2 and i can film long videos. Me by you shuold try it too!