Fujifilm has been a long time player in the photographic industry. Founded in 1934, they’ve had a long history producing photographic film, cameras and lenses. In addition to their photographic division, they also have substantial market shares in document solutions, cosmetics, medical imaging and biologics.

Today, Fujifilm produce two lines of mirrorless cameras – the Fujifilm X series of APS-C sized sensor cameras and the GFX series of medium format sensor cameras.

The Fujifilm X series was launched in March of 2011 with the X100. The X100 featured a fixed 23mm lens, APS-C CMOS sensor and hybrid viewfinder. The following year saw the release of the X-Pro1 which was the first camera to use the X-Trans CMOS sensor and Fujifilm X-Mount.

I own many Fujifilm X cameras and lenses personally. I think its a fabulous mirrorless system that embraces not only the concept of mirrorless, but also the size and portability of a mirrorless system. I do have a relationship with Fujifilm where I can borrow products to review, but there is no financial transaction. The opinions in these reviews are my own.

Fujifilm XF Cameras

» Fujifilm X-H1

» Fujifilm X-T3
» Fujifilm X-T2
» Fujifilm X-T1

» Fujifilm X-Pro2
» Fujifilm X-Pro1

» Fujifilm X-E3
» Fujifilm X-E2
» Fujifilm X-E1

» Fujifilm X-T20

Fujifilm X Fixed-Lens Cameras

» Fujifilm X100F
» Fujifilm XF10

Fujifilm X Entry-Level Cameras

» Fujifilm X-T100

» Fujifilm X-A5
» Fujifilm X-A10