Google sent me the Pixel 4 XL to review! This is probably the most advanced camera you’re going to find in a smartphone.

The Google Pixel 4 features 2 cameras – a zoom and a standard angle. When combined with Google’s computational imaging you have the best smartphone camera on the market. With features such as Night Sight 2.0, HDR+ and SmartRes Zoom you literally have a camera system that no other company has to offer.

The software that drives this camera has forced other smartphone brands – Apple iPhone 11, Huawei P30 Pro and many others to adopt computational imaging that pushes what we’re able to capture and do with a smartphone. The new Pixel 4 camera app pushes these limits even further with the ability to do astrophotography on a smartphone.

Check out the Google Keynote (timestamped to the camera talk) here

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* Google sent me the phone for a later review, opinions are my own. No financial transaction has taken place.