This weekend I got to go on an amazing trip for Sony in Sedona, AZ to test out the 24mm f/1.4 G Master lens doing some astrophotography. While that lens is absolutely amazing, I also brought along another new addition to my arsenal, my recently converted Sony NEX-7.

So what I had done was a full spectrum conversion. This operation removes the IR reducing filter as well as the low-pass filter so you have access to light way beyond the visual spectrum which all modern digital cameras actually have access to. Since its full spectrum, the art of using this camera is in the filters that you use. For these shots I used a 720nm Infrared filter which essentially filters out all light below the designated rating. You’re left with only infrared light which is largely a visualization of heat. And it turns out, hot air balloons are well, they’re hot.

So while the astrophotography part of this trip was done at night, we had the days to work with. The last day we were there we had a hot air balloon trip planned. I just decided to bring along the full spectrum Sony NEX-7 as a second camera. Well it turns out those hot air balloons are hot. At 6:45 in the morning before sunrise it creates quite a spectacle.

This camera is an absolute dream to work with. I’ve probably shot more on this camera in the last 2 weeks than I did before it was converted. Its a whole new sense of discovery. Having a full spectrum camera gives you back the possibilities that I used to have with black and white film – and then some. Its a whole new world.